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What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program allows you to earn commission by recommending Nutrifox to your readers and followers. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to Nutrifox and signs up, you receive a commission.

Nutrifox has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible. Once you are approved, you will be provided with links and banners that you can place on your website.

Apply now.

What are the requirements to join the affiliate program?

We welcome bloggers of all levels to apply to the affiliate program. We review every application individually. You must also comply to ShareASale.com’s Affiliate Terms of Use. You can view these terms here.

Please note, ShareASale requires sites to be published in English but we can make arrangements to approve non-English sites on a case-by-case basis. Please email [email protected] if you would like more information.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, we do not charge applicants to participate in the Nutrifox Affiliate Program.

How do I find my Affiliate ID?

Step 1: Login to your ShareASale account here:  https://www.shareasale.com/

Step 2: You will find your name and your unique affiliate ID number in the top left corner of the ShareASale dashboard. 

How can I add my affiliate ID to labels?

Now it’s even easier to make money as an affiliate because you can attach your affiliate ID to your nutrition labels.  

Interested? Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to your Nutrifox settings

Step 2: Check the “Display attribution badge under labels” checkbox, and place your Nutrifox Affiliate ID in the box provided. You can read more about attribution.

Step 3: Click Save Changes

How are sales tracked from my site?

Once you are approved for the program you will receive a unique affiliate ID number. This number will be included in custom links and banners that are provided to you on ShareASale.com. This ID number allows us to verify that a sale was referred from your site. We maintain a 90-day cookie so you can receive commission on purchases made up to 90 days after the initial referral.

How much do I get paid?

When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to Nutrifox and signs up, you receive a 30% commission. You’ll also receive 30% commission for the first 12 months they remain a paying member of Nutrifox.

When do I get paid?

Nutrifox.com uses a third party to handle all of the tracking and payment. The third party is the ShareASale.com affiliate network. ShareASale issues payments on the twentieth (20th) day of each month when your account balance reaches over $50 or more for the previous months’ transactions. For more information about the terms of payment, please visit the ShareASale help center at https://help.shareasale.com/.

Why was my application rejected or cancelled?

We may reject your application at our sole discretion. We may cancel your application if we determine that your site is unsuitable for our Program, including if it:

  • Includes a prohibited activity.
  • Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Incorporates any materials which infringe or assist others to infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights or to violate the law.
  • Includes “Nutrifox” or variations or misspellings thereof in its domain name.
  • Is otherwise in any way unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable to us in our sole discretion.
  • Contains software downloads that potentially enable diversions of commission from other affiliates in our program.
  • You may not create or design your website or any other website that you operate, explicitly or implied in a manner that resembles our website nor design your website in a manner that leads customers to believe you are nutrifox.com or any other affiliated business.

If you would like us to reconsider your application, please contact us with details.

Which activities are prohibited?

Below is a summary of activities that are prohibited. This list is not comprehensive and we reserve the right to make changes and additions at our discretion.

  1. Do not apply if your website promotes sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination, and/or illegal activities.
  2. We do not work with distributors of downloadable software, toolbars, browser helper objects, shopping assistance applications, etc.
  3. We do not work with coupon sites or sites focused solely on promos.
  4. You must comply with FTC Endorsement Guidelines.
  5. Fraud will be policed and penalized.
  6. Spamming is prohibited.
  7. Paid search campaigns containing our trademarks are prohibited.
  8. Paid search campaigns that directly link to our website are prohibited unless explicitly approved.
  9. Cybersquatting and typo squatting are prohibited.

For further details, please review the Affiliate Terms of Use on ShareASale.com.

Who can I contact to get help with the affiliate program?

Please contact us if you need help. We will do our best to respond within 24-48 hours. You may also find technical support from ShareASale.com through their help center here https://help.shareasale.com/.

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