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Do Nutrifox labels contribute to my recipe’s structured data?

Yes and no. 

Simply inserting a label into a post does not generate schema markup. That’s because Google would see it as something separate from the recipe – nutrition information must be integrated into a recipe plugin so that the nutrition data can be included with the rest of the recipe data.

Including a nutrition label without structured data is still beneficial from a reader’s standpoint. Including a nutrition label is a great way to add value to your recipes. In a recent survey on Pinch of Yum, 93% of readers said they like it when a nutrition label is included with a recipe. Nutrifox makes it really easy to do that.

If you’re interested in a structured data benefit from including nutrition information, we do offer a Nutrifox integration with our recipe plugin, Tasty Recipes. This is a way that the nutrition information is “counted” with the rest of the recipe information.

Here’s a bit more information about that integration.

If you’re not using Tasty Recipes, pasting the Nutrifox embed code in your site won’t automatically integrate with your plugin or contribute to your recipe’s structured data. If you want to use Nutrifox labels alongside your other recipe plugin, you can compute the nutrition information with Nutrifox and then add it into the nutrition fields in your plugin for that markup benefit.*

*This is assuming that your recipe plugin has nutrition fields and correctly marks up that information.



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