Ashley Amundsen

Published on September 20th, 2022

Want to know one way you can instantly increase the value of your blog content for your readers and Google? Add nutritional information to your recipes! ? It’s a simple thing to do, especially when you’re using Nutrifox. Read on to learn more about the benefits of adding nutrition labels to your recipes!

Google likes to include calories in search results

Anything extra you can provide to Google, whether it’s reader reviews, cooking and prep times, or in this case, nutrition information, will help the search engine to better understand your recipe.

Including nutrition information in your recipes can help your search rankings and click-through rate, so it never hurts to include it!

Rich results showing calories in a Google search result.

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Your readers will appreciate It

Have you noticed that restaurant menus nowadays all include nutritional information? People are becoming increasingly more aware of the food they are eating and the nutrients that food provides. Make it easy for your readers to count calories or adhere to a specific diet by giving them the information they want from the get-go. We see you carb counters out there!

Before I signed up for Nutrifox, the number one question I got from my readers was, “how many calories is this and is this gluten-free or how much fat does this have” And it was just too much for me. I don’t have time for that. And then Nutrifox came around and I haven’t gotten that question since. It’s been great.

Nutrifox user

Add credibility to your recipe site

Our bloggers all agree, that adding nutritional information will give your site the additional credibility and authority to keep readers coming back for more!

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Fine-tune your recipe development process

Nutrifox is a great tool to use when developing new recipes. Enter your recipe details into Nutrifox and fine-tune your ingredients, portion sizes, and quantities with the nutritional values in mind. Nutrifox is the perfect companion for all of you health-conscious bloggers!

There will be times where I will put it all in and I’ll be like, oh my gosh, this thing is 1000 calories! And then I will go back and adjust, “how can we lighten this up a little bit” so just in terms of recipe creation, it’s helpful too.

Nutrifox user

Adding nutrition information is easy with Nutrifox

Don’t worry about having to manually calculate calories, fats, proteins, etc. No need to use a fitness app and transfer the data over to your blog.

Nutrifox will automatically calculate all of the nutrition facts based on the servings and ingredient amounts you include on your recipe card. It’s literally as simple as the click of a button!

With Nutrifox’s URL import tool, you can publish a new recipe on your site, add the URL to Nutrifox and let us do all the work for you!

Pro tip: If you’re working with an ingredient that isn’t in the Nutrifox database, you’re welcome to add your own custom ingredient as well as all of its nutritional information!

Nutrifox URL importing tool
Nutrition facts generated by the Nutrifox plugin.

And if you’re a Tasty Recipes user, you’re in luck! You can easily integrate your Nutrifox labels into your Tasty Recipes cards to make your recipes look organized and professional.

Do you have to include nutrition information? ?

By all means, no! It’s certainly not a requirement. If you’re a dessert blogger, you may cringe at the idea of adding nutrition information to your recipe cards. After all, you don’t want to scare away people who see that your cheesecake recipe is a whopping 800 calories per serving. It’s totally fine if you decide to opt out of including this information. 

However, keep in mind that readers making a cheesecake recipe will usually expect that it will not be a low-calorie dessert anyways.

Just a bit of food for thought ? as you navigate the world of nutrition information!


Nutrifox provides a way to quickly calculate accurate nutritional values of your recipes and provide Google and readers the information they need. Nutrifox is a user-friendly tool for an otherwise daunting task that will save you hours of time — hours better spent creating recipes and connecting with readers!

Interested in Trying Nutrifox?

Easily create, customize, and embed nutrition labels on your blog. With Nutrifox you can keep a library of your recipes, update ingredients, add your own custom ingredients, and have more visibility and control over the nutrition results that are added to your recipes. Start your 14 day free trial today!