5 Nutrition Tips for Glowing Skin This Summer

Steph Mork

Published on August 09th, 2016

Summer is the time to be outside enjoying the balmy weather and the warmth of the sun on your skin. However, it is well known that the glorious summer sunshine can damage skin cells and contribute to a higher risk of skin cancer and accelerated aging. So how do we combat the effects of the sun on our skin while still enjoying the nice weather?

Keeping a healthy complexion is more than the lotions and exfoliators used on the surface; it starts from the inside out. While using lotions and exfoliators is definitely still recommended, we can also use food as medicine to help ward off the ill effects of sun exposure. Having a well-rounded diet is essential for a keeping a smooth, glowing complexion this summer.

Nutrient tips for glowing skin this summer:

Get more antioxidants in your life! They protect skin against skin cancer and sun damage as well as speed up the skin’s natural healing mechanism by blocking further damage. Go for a refreshing iced green tea or a fresh garden tomato for an antioxidant boost.

Vitamin C is your new best friend. In addition to boosting your immune system, Vitamin C is essential for skin health. It contributes to the formation of collagen, which gives you smoother, firmer looking skin and improves wound healing. Make an afternoon of picking strawberries or munching on some watermelon for quality Vitamin C.

Potassium for the win. Potassium keeps your skin cells full of fluid and well hydrated from the inside out, which helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps skin looking young. Eat a banana to keep your skin well hydrated or go for some potatoes or summer squash for internally moisturized skin.

Gotta have that Omega 3. Foods with Omega 3 reduce the body’s inflammatory response which decreases redness or puffiness of skin as well as strengthen cell membranes, for firmer, younger looking skin. Splurge on salmon to throw on the grill with some avocado and olive oil and you have a delicious Omega-3 trifecta.

The forgotten nutrient: WATER. This one should be obvious, but it’s often overlooked. One of the many benefits of drinking enough water is to have well hydrated skin cells. Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkling and aging, and is more elastic and therefore decreases the chance of blemishes and cracks. Try drinking coconut water for hydration and electrolytes – it’s tasty and trendy!

Put it all together: The ultimate recipe for skin success? Smoothies! Summery, delicious, packed with nutrients and flavor – they make the perfect addition to your skin regimen this summer. Add in flax, bananas, and berries for a skin healing and protective treat.